Poomsae competitors must only perform the authorized Poomsae designated for their specific rank. Scores will be based on: Beauty, grace, rhythm, accuracy, power, technique, and attitude. Authorized Poomsaes are those approved by the World Taekwondo: Basic Forms 1 & 2, Taegeuk 1-8, and WT Black Belt Poomsaes: Koryo, Keumgang, Taebaek etc..

The chart below designates required Poomsaes for your rank.

In an effort to maintain consistency in competition, please wear the belt color corresponding with our ranking chart.


The current USAT Competition rules will govern this championship. The Organizing Committee may modify some rules according to the local conditions. It also reserves the right to combine or divide weight categories depending on the number of players in their respective groups. The GSO Tournament Organizing Committee (GSOTOC) reserves the right to make modifications to the divisions to provide fair and sufficient competition for all competitors. In the event that the GSOTOC cannot find a suitable match, we will attempt to arrange an exhibition match. If a suitable match cannot be made, you will be awarded a gold medal for an uncontested win. There will be no refund due if no suitable match can be made. 20 Point Gap & No Point Ceiling will apply for Black Belts 12 & Above. For everyone else, No Point Gap & No Point Ceiling will apply.

Point System:

Ages 7 & Under (All Belts) and Ages 11 & Under (Color Belt Divisions)
Sparring competitors, ages 11 & under (color belts) and 7 & under (all belts), may not make head contact at any time during the competition. Any competitor who executes a technique to the head area will be subject to one of the following actions:
1)  Any technique attempted to the head area but does not make contact will be given a warning by the referee.
2)  Any technique which makes any contact with the head area will result in a one-point deductions by the referee.
3)  If the competitor cannot continue because of contact to the head area, the attacker will be disqualified.
4)  Inability to continue competition because of fright, crying, or loss of will following a legal kick to the body does not constitute grounds for disqualification of the attacker.

Junior Safety Rules
Ages 8-11 (Black Belts), 12-14 Year Old Divisions (All Belts), and 15-17 Year Old Divisions (Color Belts)
1)  The competitor is encouraged to attempt kicks to the facial area; however, absolute control must be exercised or the appropriate penalty shall be invoked.
2)  The competitor who executes a successful technique (light contact without causing injury) shall be awarded three points.
3)  The competitor who executes a kick to the face or neck, which results in a minor injury, shall receive a one-point deduction. A minor injury is defined as an abrasion or bleeding caused by excessive contact.
4)  The competitor who executes a kick to the face or neck, which results in the inability of the opponent to continue because of injury, shall be disqualified. The jury, referee and judges, after consultation with the tournament physician, if necessary, shall make this determination.

Note:  Inability to continue because of fright, crying, or loss of will, following a legal kick to the head, does not constitute grounds for disqualification of the attacker.
5)  Even in the absence of visible injury, such as slight bleeding or abrasion, the referee may deem the contact to be excessive, and declare the appropriate penalty.
6)  Where Junior Competition Rules are in effect per USAT Article 1.B, the competitor, who executes a successful technique to the face (light, controlled contact without causing any injury), shall be awarded three points. This is to better align with current WTF standards; however, the criteria for "excessive contact" will continue to be strictly enforced.
7)  8-Count: Under Junior Competition Rules, the referee should NOT give an 8-count for ANY technique, even a legal one, to the head area; if a kick to the head is powerful enough to warrant an 8-count, it should be considered excessive, and the appropriate penalty should be declared. However, the referee can and should begin an 8-count for a legal kick to the trunk area that results in a knock-down condition.
8)  Certain rules and/or regulations are subject to change at the discretion of the Golden State Open Tournament Committee and the Tournament Director.

PROHIBITED ACTIONS: Competitors will receive warnings for the following acts: holding, going out of bounds, falling, kicking below the chest protector, light punches to the facial area, and bad sportsmanship. A competitor will receive a deduction point of the following acts: heavy punch to the facial area, attacking after the referee calls break, attacking a fallen opponent, attacking the spine or back of the head, and extremely bad sportsmanship.

Competitors will have two 60-second rounds with a 20 second break.
Black Belt competitors 12-32 years of age will have two 90-second rounds with a 20 second break.
Finals bouts for 18-32 year old Black Belts will consist of three rounds.

**Note: In consideration of time constraints, we reserve the right to change the duration of the rounds as necessary.

IN CASE OF A TIE: In case of a tie score, the winner will be determined by a Golden Point (Sudden Death) round.

EQUIPMENT: Competitors must bring headgear, chest protector, forearm pads, shin and instep pads, groin cup, and mouthpiece. Black Belts 12 & up will need KP&P-approved instep pads.

DIVISIONS: Each rank and age category will be divided into appropriate weight divisions. This determination will be made prior to the competition. Competitors ages 14 and younger will have a maximum of 4 competitors in each division. Competitors ages 15 and older will have a maximum of 8 per group. Athletes ages 12-32 competing in the Black Belt sparring division will be determined by their weigh-in. Every effort will be made to pair each competitor with a compatible opponent. The Golden State Open Taekwondo Championship Organizing Committee reserves the right to further divide or combine (within reason) the divisions to give all competitors a fair chance to compete.

5 to 20 students in each team (Including Holders)

In order to compete in the Team Demonstration Competition, A minimum of 3/4 (75%) of the team members MUST compete in the Individual Poomse and/or Sparring Competition.
**FOR EXAMPLE: If there are 20 members in a Demonstration Team then at least 15 members must compete in poomsae and/or sparring.
If this Requirement is not met, the team WILL BE DISQUALIFIED!

• Music may be used with this event (Please bring physical device and submit digital audio)
Time limit: 6 minutes.  There will be a penalty if time exceeds 6 minutes.
• Dress Code: Team may wear any kind of attire (uniform, jeans, aerobic outfits etc.)
• Schools may have more than one team.
• Team members can be different belt levels.
• Scores will reflect on teamwork, synchronization, creativity, accuracy, difficulty and artistic choreography.
BREAKING:  Only thin boards (Including TNT Boards) and balloons are allowed.  Fruits, Powder, etc are NOT allowed. Power breaking will NOT be allowed.

1st place: $ 2000.00 + Trophy
2nd place: $ 1000.00 + Trophy
3rd place: $ 500.00 + Trophy

**Teams will be signaled when meeting the 1 MINUTE REMAINING time.